Kiepersol Country Retreat


Join us on our first retreat this September to transition, transform and transcend the experience of your life.


Wednesday 21 September to Saturday 24 September 2022
Kiepersol Country Retreat, Vredefort Dome, Parys


What to expect

  • Gently surface and, with care, examine the patterns that cloud your view of a better you
  • Feel, find and release the stories, fears, traumas and hurts that keep you stuck
  • Heal the emotional holes, and transition to a stronger view of you
  • Transform your narrative to encompass purpose, passion and practice
  • Transcend barriers, burdens and burnout to reconnect to life, love and lore
  • All supported and integrated through body and energy work

What's included

  • Healthy vegetarian meals to sustain the work and process
  • Accommodation for 3 nights
  • Four days of focused facilitation by emotional fitness experts Matthew Green and Chantal Dawtrey
  • Body and mind integration and processing using Breathwork, movement, Reiki and massage with energy and body work specialist, Kimon Comodikes
  • Reflective practice, guided meditation sessions, walks in the mountains

The venue and surrounds

Retreat agenda

  • 14h00 — Arrival
  • 16h00 — Welcome & briefing
  • 18h00 — Dinner
  • 19h00 — Meditation & Connect to body session

  • 06h30 — Guided meditation
  • 07h00 — Movement; Stretching; Breathwork
  • 08h00 — Breakfast
  • 09h003: Recognise
  • 11h00 — Break
  • 11h303: Transition
  • 13h00 — Lunch
  • 14h00 — Integration; Reflection; Processing; Body / Energy work
  • 18h00 — Dinner
  • 19h00 — Reflect; Share; Inquire

  • 06h30 — Guided meditation
  • 07h00 — Movement; Stretching; Breathwork
  • 08h00 — Breakfast
  • 09h002: Repair
  • 11h00 — Break
  • 11h302: Transform
  • 13h00 — Lunch
  • 14h00 — Integration; Reflection; Processing; Body / Energy work
  • 18h00 — Dinner
  • 19h00 — Reflect; Share; Inquire

  • 06h30 — Guided meditation
  • 07h00 — Movement; Stretching; Breathwork
  • 08h00 — Breakfast
  • 09h001: Redirect
  • 11h00 — Break
  • 11h301: Transcend
  • 13h00 — Lunch
  • 14h00 — Connect; Commit; Close out
  • Participants can choose to remain overnight.

Daily Retreat Programme


Wednesday — Day 01

From 14h00 and a short 1.5 hour drive from Johannesburg you will find your way to Kiepersol Country Retreat, in the heart of the Vredefort Dome just outside of the quaint town of Parys.

At 16h00 we will gather together for the welcome, introduction and briefing on what the next few days hold for you. An opportunity to meet your fellow retreat participants, your facilitators and orientate yourself to the retreat venue and the various spaces we will be working in and around.

Dinner is at 18h00. All meals are vegetarian, planned by an integrative health and nutrition expert.

At 19h00 we will gather for an intention-setting session and meditation before we retire to bed for a quiet closing out to the day that may have started in the busy craziness of the city.

Thursday — Day 02

We will rise early to come together for a guided meditation at 06h30. This time for stillness and contemplation will allow you to set your intention and settle yourself for the day ahead.

We then transition into breathwork and movement to stimulate and oxygenate the blood to better nourish, muscle, bones and organs in preparation for the day ahead.

After a light and nourishing breakfast we begin with the workshop starting with 3: Recognise. You will be taken through a process to surface and recognise the patterns of behaviour that have followed you to this place.

Working at a deeper level you will be offered the opportunity to transition from old models, habits and patterns, including releasing the emotions that may be present or showing up around the issue being worked with.

After lunch you will again choose to integrate and process the work done in the morning through massage, Reiki, walking, journaling or alone time. 

After supper we again reconvene to reflect on our learnings, share what we choose to and inquire about what has transpired for you, so that you can feel more resourceful about engaging the next day with the second session.


Friday — Day 03

We come together for our guided meditation at 06h30. This is another opportunity to centre and still yourself, resourcing your awareness for the learning ahead.

We again move gently into breathwork and movement to support the flow of energy from the legs (earth) to torso and head.

After a light and nourishing breakfast we begin with 2: Repair. On this day you will be working more deeply with your old models, habits and patterns.

Working integratively you will be offered the opportunity to transform the events at source that gave rise to the unresourceful and unsupportive models, habits and patterns. This is a deeply subjective and personal experience.

After a break for lunch you will have the opportunity to integrate and process the work done in the morning through the choice of options available similar to the day before.

Dinner is at 18h00 after which we reconvene to reflect on our learnings, share what we choose to and inquire about what has transpired for you. This sets the tone for the next day’s session and work.

Saturday — Day 04

On this last morning we come together for a guided meditation at 06h30. A time for gratitude, fortitude and conscious commitment.

We then transition into our movement and breathwork to clear meridians, open chakras and ready the body and mind for our last day of work.

After breakfast we go into 1: Redirect. You will purposefully redirect your attention to the future, testing your new responses and checking for residual triggers.

We end this session with an exercise to integrate the way you feel after doing the transition and transform work. Your journey to transcending into a new way of being and behaving is established.

After lunch we gather to pay tribute to the deep work completed, connect around experience and commit to supporting the changes made.

We end at around 16h00 allowing time to slowly drive back to integrate into your world of home and family life.

Should you prefer, arrangements can be made for you to stay overnight to drive back the following morning. You could take this opportunity to stop off in Parys to browse the quaint shops and cafes before heading home.


Your retreat facilitators

Matthew Green


Matthew deeply engages with his work, his clients and his desire to make the world a better place. A voracious appetite to learn and understand has allowed him to research wide and deep, building on his extensive knowledge of healing and human behaviour.

Matthew has been working with clients since 2006, offering specialised psychological services for high achievers. He works with a global audience, developing and building emotional fitness and has brought relief from stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional health issues to tens of thousands of participants.

He's been meditating since he was 10 years old, is a qualified aromatherapist, EFT practitioner and coach. He's studied Waldorf education, NLP and has been researching and working with human development potential for more than 30 years.

Matthew is the co-founder of 5th Place, co-creator of Shape of Emotion and the Model of Emotional Fitness. He also co-presents the weekly of the Emotions matter. Really! podcast.

Kimon Comodikes


Kimon was introduced to the world of energy more than 30 years ago when he attended a Reiki workshop. It was here that he was shown the importance of being responsible for one’s own health and given the tools to work towards this goal.

Finding the right tool or tools to embrace make it easier to find the discipline required to do the work, as opposed to trying to get someone else to heal you. Ask yourself “how can I live life better” rather than “how can I get better”.

Kimon is trained in Kinesiology, Tibetan energy and massage, using these to assist others to regain their health. He believes the best tools are those that allow us to work on ourselves, empowering us to live better. Exploring body movement, Tai Chi, Reiki and breath work is where Kimon’s passion lies.

Kimon believes life should be both fun and fulfilling. If it’s not, we should be asking ourselves “why?” and “what?” can be done to change this.

Chantal Dawtrey


Chantal’s mission is to educate and support the growth and development of those that wish to be emotionally fit, connected human beings who want more for themselves and the world that they live in.

She lives by the maxim that change starts with you, and the way to improve work, life, health and wellbeing is to reconnect to your body's intelligence.

She is an accomplished coach, facilitator, writer and speaker who engages with a global audience teaching a mindfulness and bodyfulness based approach for the immediate relief from stress, anxiety, burnout and other emotional fitness challenges.

Chantal is a credentialed coach and registered coach supervisor with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa). She is a qualified teacher, a Neuro Linguistic practitioner, and has an MPhil in Management Coaching (cum laude) through the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

Chantal is the co-founder of 5th Place and co-creator of Shape of Emotion and the Model of Emotional Fitness.

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Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.

—Lao Tzu